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About TuxFamily.org

TuxFamily is a non-profit organization. It provides free services for projects and contents dealing with the free software philosophy (free as in free speech, not as in free beer). We accept any project released under a free license (GPL, BSD, CC-BY-SA, Art Libre...).

Born in 1999 (oh! already?), TuxFamily tries to provide a good and reliable service to promote free projects, making them visible to the users. The hosting is free and we don't add banners or pop-ups to the hosted websites. You don't even have to advertise for TuxFamily! You can also use your own domain name if you have one.

TuxFamily hosting facilities are running on VHFFS, which is a subproject of TuxFamily that makes it possible to manage a massive virtual hosting platform.

Services for hosted people

These are the services you can get with TuxFamily. Only one requirement: be a free (as in free speech) project.

  • Web hosting (PHP7 is supported, and Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash, Scheme, …, through CGI)
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • CVS repositories
  • Subversion repositories
  • GIT repositories
  • Mercurial repositories
  • Manage domain names (DNS hosting) - registration fees are still at your charge
  • Email accounts (reachable over POP, IMAP or through our webmails) and redirects for your domain
  • Mailing lists (optionally under your own domain)
  • Download area of 1 GB, can be increased if you need more space
  • 200 MB quota for all groups, not including the download area, can be increased if you need more space
  • Handling of your data through FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), SSH and SFTP

Right now, 3761 users and 2856 projects trust the TuxFamily.org free hosting services.

Additional services, for everybody

The gaming platform: games.tuxfamily.net

TuxFamily.org hosts several game servers on games.tuxfamily.net, and makes them available to everybody on the Internet. It's a meeting point for people who play free games on the Internet.

The IRC server: irc.tuxfamily.org

TuxFamily.org uses and provides to hosted projects an IRC server (irc.tuxfamily.org). You can use it to host your project's IRC channel.

The NTP server: ntp.tuxfamily.net

We provide a free NTP server, so you can keep your computers right on time. There is no restriction for the use of this service.

About personal data

TuxFamily.org declared stored personal data to the CNIL, as file ID 1037126. Additionally, TuxFamily is committed never to disclose your personal data to any third-party. Personal data such as email addresses are never resold and are only used to contact you.

TuxFamily's staff

The staff is composed of administrators and moderators. We are all volunteers.


They maintain all hosting services, they develop and provide new services if needed.

sylvain rochet

Sylvain Rochet aka gradator

Sylvain joined TuxFamily in 2004, he is currently the chairman of the TuxFamily.org organization and still the main system administrator.
He manages the TuxFamily staff, maintains the services night and day, and answers to a lot of the requests sent by our users.

xavier guerrin

Xavier Guerrin aka xavier

Hosted since 2006, Xavier joined our staff in 2009. He's a well-informed pillow lover, and helps in maintaining the platform and developing new services.

sebastien le ray

Sébastien Le Ray aka beuss

Also known as `grouchy beuss', he's one of the main developers of VHFFS. He's part of the staff since 2006.

samuel lesueur

Samuel Lesueur aka crafty

Samuel joined the TuxFamily crew in October 2006. Member of the administration committee and administrator of the hosting system, he attends to keep it up and running with the other administrators. Samuel is currently secretary of the TuxFamily.org association.

florent bayle

Florent Bayle aka flo

Florent is currently an administrator of the hosting system.
He is a member of the administration committee and takes part in decisions.
He joined TuxFamily in 2005 and still does technical tasks every day on the platform.


They decide if projects can be accepted or not. They take decisions for TuxFamily, so please be nice with them :-)

benoit audouard

Benoît Audouard aka baud123

Parentheses and good wine lover, he's been a member of the TuxFamily staff since 2004. He's also in the administration committee.

Marc J.

Marc J. aka Marck

Moderator since 2010, Marc still makes use of patience and diplomacy when others are already loading their rifles.

pierrick lebourgeois

Pierrick Lebourgeois aka trent

Moderator, since 2010.

sylvain vrignaud

Sylvain Vrignaud aka misric

Assistant treasurer, moderator, he joined TuxFamily in 2006. He's very active in making TuxFamily present in major free software events in France.


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