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The organization

The goal of the TuxFamily.org non-profit organization is to create, promote and publish free contents: free software, free art, documentation... Founded in 2004, it aims to provide a legal structure to TuxFamily.org, so we can receive donations, sign contracts and agreements. It makes it possible for hosted people to take part in their hosting provider's life.

TuxFamily.org needs money to live. Donations make it possible to maintain the platform, and invest for future developments.

Donate to TuxFamily.org

If you are French, please read this page instead, the content is not exactly the same.

You can donate to TuxFamily.org using direct transfer or PayPal. See the "Support" page for more information!


Here are the association's board members:

  • Sylvain `gradator' Rochet, president
  • Sylvain `misric' Vrignaud, secretary
  • Manuel `mmenal' Menal, treasurer

The administration committee also comprises Benoît `baud123' Audouard, Dominique `orace' Chanu, Florent `flo' Bayle, Samuel `crafty' Lesueur and Xavier `xavier' Guerrin.

Official documents

Statutes (LaTeX source) (in French)

By-Laws (LaTeX source) (in French)

Meeting reports

January 2012 (general assembly) (in French)

September 2010 (general assembly) (in French)

July 2009 (administration committee) (in French)

July 2009 (general assembly) (in French)

November 2007 (general assembly) (in French)

November 2006 (general assembly) (in French)

November 2004 (general assembly) (in French)


If you notice any problem with your donation, please send us a mail to: ca@association.tuxfamily.org.