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Subscribe to TuxFamily.org

You can subscribe to TuxFamily.org hosting services. You must accept those conditions:

  • The service is only for free-software related content or free-software philosophy (like Creative Commons, etc). We are a bit picky about what we consider a free license, please read our licensing categorization. Other requests will be refused.
  • Projects which do not respect the first rule will be deleted, along with their related user accounts.
  • We provide hosting services for a community. The installation of additional services or programs follows an all-or-nothing rule: either we install a program and it becomes available to all users, or we do not install it at all. No specific request will be taken into account.
  • You must respect the legal aspects of your country.
  • Illegal content will be deleted and the relevant authorities will be informed.
  • Fake accounts will be deleted. Please note that under the LCEN French law, we have to collect your contact details, namely your first name, last name and address.
  • We sometimes encounter downtime or technical issues. Although they remain rare, please be patient in case you stumble upon them.

Please respect those rules. After reading and accepting them, you can go to the subscribe page.