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Helping TuxFamily

TuxFamily is a non-profit organization, which lives on donations and volunteers. You can help TuxFamily by several means:

  • Donating
  • Becoming a member of TuxFamily.org
  • Donating hardware for our servers
  • Helping or joining the staff


You can make a donation to TuxFamily by direct transfer, PayPal or Flattr. If you can, please use direct transfer, as there will be no additional fee involved. Please note French people may also make a donation using checks: please refer to the French version.

By direct transfer

Due to numerous abuses, we cannot provide anymore our banking information publicly, before doing a direct transfer please ask our banking information by sending a mail to ca@association.tuxfamily.org.

By PayPal

PayPal is a fast and easy way to donate money to TuxFamily.org.

Using Flattr

FLattr allows you to give a small amount of money every month. We appreciate this kind of support very much, as it makes us able to have sufficient funds to face emergencies.

Flattr this

Becoming a member of TuxFamily.org

If you are French, you can join the TuxFamily.org organization. Please refer to the French page instead.

Donating hardware components

We of course always need components for our servers. If you want to give us hardware, please send a message to ca@association.tuxfamily.org, specifying what you can send and useful information (where you live...).

Helping or joining the staff

Helping users

There is a mailing list dedicated to helping users. You can subscribe by sending an email to help-request at lists dot tuxfamily dot org with subscribe as subject. You'll then be able to answer help requests from our users.

You can also answer questions on our forum. Use your panel credentials.

Finally, you can help by extending, correcting or translating TuxFamily's FAQ.

Joining the staff

If you want to become a moderator or an administrator, you'll need to join our IRC channel on server irc.tuxfamily.org channel #tuxfamily. Please keep in mind it's an international channel, with many discussions in French. You can of course speak English there!