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Archivo de March de 2007

Download repositories statistics

Publicado el Tuesday 13 March 2007, a 15:32 UTC


You were waiting for detailed statistics on your downloads areas, here they are ;)

You can consult them on http://stats.download.tuxfamily.org/YOURGROUP/ , example for vhffs4.

We are planning to provide logfiles but it will took a bit more time because we need to change some stuff on the downloads repositories before :)

Have a nice day.

Servers upgrade

Publicado el Thursday 8 March 2007, a 17:14 UTC

Due to recent security vulnerabilities on php4 or such, all servers has been upgraded this evening.

Contact us if you experience problems.

Public mailing lists archives won a beautiful index ;)

Publicado el Tuesday 6 March 2007, a 16:33 UTC

Well, not much to say, look and see by yourself :)

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