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Archivo de April de 2009

Network outage

Publicado el Tuesday 28 April 2009, a 09:44 UTC


For an unknown reason, the fiber link between the core switch and ours jumped down, a small shut/noshut fixed the problem. (Those with network knowledge will understand, for the others this is technically the same as remotely unplugging and plugging a cable).

By the way, we are still having storage issues, heavy checks on the storage arrays ended successfully. We are now a bit suspecting the storage server itself, something around memory, motherboard or CPU. Sorry about short downtimes from time to time to switch between the storage arrays, to run quick checks offline and such things.

We must be cursed :-(

Please bear with us.

PHP and cgi.fix_pathinfo value

Publicado el Wednesday 8 April 2009, a 18:09 UTC


The upgrade from Debian Etch to Debian Lenny changed the value of the cgi.fix_pathinfo variable, we are using the default value and the default value changed from 0 to 1.

From what we saw, the only impacted value seems to be PHP_SELF, but the PHP documentation talks about PATH_INFO, PATH_TRANSLATED and SCRIPT_FILENAME

We think this is better to let the new default behavior, which is fixing an old PHP bug. Anyway this is something that need to be changed at some time, therefore this is useless to set the previous default behavior back.

Please fix your scripts ;-)

Webservers upgraded to Debian Lenny

Publicado el Tuesday 7 April 2009, a 10:39 UTC


All our webservers have been migrated to Debian Lenny yesterday in the evening.

If anything is not working as it should, we will enjoy the feedback.

Storage maintenance planned

Publicado el Friday 3 April 2009, a 20:11 UTC


This night, we are going to fix in deep the problem which is responsible of this outage, which probably comes from that, that, and that.

We will need to shutdown almost all services during a few hours in order to complete this maintenance.

Please bear with us ;-)

Your beloved admins.

Edit: Everything should be back online, please contact us if this statement is not true ;-)

HADOPI Law : TuxFamily is volunteering

Publicado el Wednesday 1 April 2009

While the discussion about the HADOPI law continues, we decided to move forward. Thus, TuxFamily volunteered as an experimental hosting service to test the application and the deployment of the HADOPI concepts, beginning by filtering any suspicious content for any potential copyright holder.

The government approved our idea and decided to cheer us by hosting their VAlbanel project on TuxFamily's servers.

VAlbanel for Virtual Albanel, is a software designed to check if your computer is clean against the HADOPI law, for those who don't understand why "Albanel", Mrs. Christine Albanel is the spearhead of this wonderful project.

Currently under heavy tests, this software will be run on all download directories and web areas of our web hosting facility.

Also in the spirit of open source, which is not incompatible with HADOPI, you can download the sources of VAlbanel.

This is a .tar.gz archive fetched from the developer when the first executions of VAlbanel have deleted the original sources. So, we strongly recommend you to download and execute VAlbanel on your computer.

Finally, to prevent the upload of illegal content which might not be seen by VAlbanel, we will modify our FAQ on some points. Thus, we now invite our hosted artists to contact the government to get a licence for their work instead of relying on a free license.

Keep an eye on your files in the next days in order to see if you had unlawful files.

Your beloved admins.

Edit: Of course it was our yearly April fool joke

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