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Electrical rewiring in progress

Posted on Tuesday 20 January 2009, at 21:29 UTC


To solve the electrical problem responsible of the two last power outages (here and here) we are going to shut down most of our servers to do some wiring.

We will also install a brand new STS to add some redundancy to our setup.

You can expect an outage on most of our services (excepted failsafe services such as mx2/ns2) at any time starting... NOW :)

It shouldn't take too long, please bear with us

Edit: Well, the STS seems to be a bit rude when it switches between it sources... The circuit breakers of our rack blows of each time the STS activates. We are currently working on a different wiring that should solve the problem. stay tuned !

Edit: Okay everything should be back to normal. It has been a bit longer than expected but we managed to find a stable configuration. As usual if you notice something wrong, feel free to contact us ;)

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