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Archives for June, 2006

Troubles on ftp server

Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006, at 18:04 UTC

Hi, we are currently trying to patch the ftp server to prevent quota problems (wrong group, wrong mode), the ftp server should be sometimes up, often down, sometimes working strangely, use it only if you really need it now.

Edit: Patch done.

Users over quota !

Posted on Wednesday 21 June 2006, at 13:09 UTC

Here is the list of users who are over quota :

daman1605, grunge21, infographika, jishui, tjmir3

Please contact us as soon as possible !

Groups over quota !

Posted on Tuesday 20 June 2006, at 20:22 UTC

Here is the list of groups which are over quota :

10keuss, alestece, blenderclan, blobiblog, dcsd, efr, gimpeval, kbups, knosciences, lgc, lmsp, m3dproject, mozport, oldhopesfr, prism54, shoesbox, zengamer

Please contact us as soon as possible !

Massive groups membership fixes

Posted on Tuesday 20 June 2006, at 20:03 UTC

Evening everybody, we just run a tiny script to fixes groups membership and directories permissions all over the datas. Files are now owned to the right group and sgid flag has been added to all directories.

It should prevents most of the quota problems which happened these last days.

And we are now able to check without mistake who is over quota.

Contact us if anything is wrong for you !

Quota problems ? Files of 0 byte size after uploading ?

Posted on Saturday 17 June 2006, at 14:23 UTC

Well, let's look quota section of the FAQ.

Disk quota management fixed

Posted on Wednesday 14 June 2006, at 20:27 UTC

You probably noticed that disk quota was not working very well, err... in fact did not working at all. Here we are, disk quota is now working correctly. A little outage yesterday was due to a reboot of the biggest file server in order to handle quota correctly.

Please note that disk quota for home directory is now fixed to 1 MB, which is sufficient for your ssh key and some files you want to keep in a rather safe place. Initially there were no quota on home directory and we considered that no user will abuse of disk space, we were wrong...

As usual, feel free to contact us if anything goes wrong !, don't hesitate, really !

MySQL upgrade (again)

Posted on Wednesday 14 June 2006, at 20:05 UTC

Due to a security issue discovered in MySQL 4.1 we upgraded it tonight to version 4.1.11a-4sarge4.

If you experience problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

Coppermine Photo Gallery File Extension Handling File Upload Vulnerability

Posted on Saturday 3 June 2006, at 21:29 UTC

If you use coppermine photo gallery, there were important security issues about this software.Please update your website ASAP !




Security improvements on PHP script execution ability

Posted on Saturday 3 June 2006, at 21:17 UTC

Some changes has been made in the php configuration files, mainly on the security side.

Firstly there were a mistake in the configuration file which allowed to execute any binary in /usr/bin, the variable safe_mod_exec_dir has been set to a void directory.

Secondly all fonctions were allowed, so the following functions has been disabled : exec, system, passthru, bind, dl, shell_exec, popen, proc_get_status, proc_nice, proc_open, proc_terminate, proc_close.

If anything goes wrong for your website, fell free to contact us !

Servers upgrade

Posted on Saturday 3 June 2006, at 11:19 UTC

Today we upgraded all the servers.If you experience problems, don't hesitate to contact us.

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