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Archives for January, 2007

Troubles on web service

Posted on Tuesday 23 January 2007, at 19:14 UTC

This evening, a hosted project had the good idea to host a popular 700 MB iso on the web service instead of using a download repository

The web service suffered a little outage during a few minutes because we reached the maximum network capacity on the web service :/

Sorry for the inconvenience, everything is back online ! :)

phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin upgrade

Posted on Monday 22 January 2007, at 00:51 UTC


We upgraded phpMyAdmin to 2.9.2 release and phpPgAdmin to 4.1 release.

Contact us if you encounter problems.

Improvement in web statistics and logs

Posted on Sunday 21 January 2007, at 18:59 UTC


You have been asking for previous months statistics on your web-area. It is now available ! Follow the "statistics" link on the panel.

As a bonus, the logfiles are also available via your ftp account just as the awstats files and configuration :-)

Have a good day !

Download service outage

Posted on Monday 1 January 2007, at 23:44 UTC

Hi, it seems there is currently a network or power problem on the ISP hosting the downloads service.

Edit: Everything is back online !

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