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Archives for October, 2007

Modifications in CVS, Subversion, Git web interfaces

Posted on Friday 12 October 2007, at 20:21 UTC

Well, this was a mess, the CVS web interface was on http://viewvc.tuxfamily.org/cvs_group_repository/ , Subversion on http://viewvc.tuxfamily.org/svn_group_repository/ , and the Git on http://git.tuxfamily.org/group/repository/.

So, viewvc.tuxfamily.org has been removed from DNS entries, and the following ones should be used now:

CVS web interface is on http://cvs.tuxfamily.org/ with http://cvs.tuxfamily.org/group/repository/ for direct access to your repository, example.

Subversion web interface is on http://svn.tuxfamily.org/ with http://svn.tuxfamily.org/group/repository/ for direct access to your repository, example.

Git web interface is on http://git.tuxfamily.org/ with http://git.tuxfamily.org/group/repository/ for direct access to your repository, example.

Please update the links in your websites :)

Projects full names : public part improvement

Posted on Thursday 11 October 2007, at 19:38 UTC

Hi all :)

Thanks to a new version of VHFFS, you can now specify in your project configuration page the full name of your project.This full name will be displayed in the public part of the panel and will help people to understand your group name and the purpose of your project.Please take the time to fill up your project full name.At the same time, if you can check your description, make sure it is up to date and with the correct license it would be great :)

Don't forget that the public part of the panel is indexed by search bots. If you want to give the maximum visibility to your project, keep it clear and precise ;)

New service : GIT Repositories

Posted on Thursday 11 October 2007, at 18:56 UTC

Hi all !

We are now providing a GIT service for hosted people :)As usual, you have to ask for it on the panel and you can learn how to use it on our FAQ.

Feedbacks and comments are welcomed

New service: GIT

Posted on Thursday 11 October 2007

Some of you asked for GIT repositories.

This is why we are happy to introduce you to the new TuxFamily's service called "GIT repositories".

Users cleanup

Posted on Wednesday 10 October 2007, at 09:12 UTC


A large cleanup of inactive users have been run. If your account have been deleted and you still need to use the mail account @tuxfamily.org that you created when you were in a group, please create your account again and ask us to add you in an active group to prevent future deletion of your account.

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