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Archives for November, 2006

Main services outage…

Posted on Wednesday 29 November 2006, at 16:11 UTC

Hi, our main internet provider is having large network issue, all main services are down…

Concerned services : Web, Primary mail (smtp,pop,imap,webmail,mailing lists...), Primary DNS, CVS and Subversion, NTP, Jabber .

Not concerned services : Secondary mail, Secondary DNS, IRC, Downloads, Games

Sorry about that...

Edit: everything is up again !

Webserver++ !

Posted on Wednesday 29 November 2006, at 18:18 UTC

More and more users trust TuxFamily, so our servers have more and more requests to handle ! This is good ! But you have probably noticed a slowdown of the web service these last weeks, and especially last week.

So we decided to add an other web server to the pool ! It should be a bit faster now :)

Anyway, if you have a rackable 1U or 2U, DUAL PIII or more, server you don't use, don't forget us :-)

If you have any problem, contact us.

New service: jabber

Posted on Sunday 26 November 2006

A jabber service is now available for all TuxFamily users who are in at least one group. Your JID is user@jabber.tuxfamily.org where user and password are your panel credentials. The server is jabber.tuxfamily.org and supports ssl connections. Have fun !

We are using the brand new jabberd2 server which is still in early developement so if you are experiencing connection issues, feel free to report bugs on our mailing list ;)

MySQL 5 - Create views and routines

Posted on Thursday 16 November 2006, at 01:52 UTC

Hi !,

We updated the mysql database, users can now create views and routines !

Good night :)

TuxFamily's forum online!

Posted on Thursday 16 November 2006

You are all welcome on the new TuxFamily's forum. It is a nice place to meet other hosted teams and your favorite staff. Feel free to announce your software releases there. This is YOUR forum, make it comfortable and useful ;) Enjoy !

Please use your panel username and password to login on the forum.

Viewvc is now used instead of viewcvs and websvn

Posted on Sunday 12 November 2006, at 05:50 UTC


We are now going to use viewvc instead of viewcvs and websvn which were used. Anyway we will keep both of them running for a few weeks.

If you really hate viewvc, contact us !

Assembly of TuxFamily.org

Posted on Monday 6 November 2006

Due to the resignation of the president TuxFamily.org organises a meeting on November, the 18th 2006 to speak about what happened and the future of TuxFamily. As the meeting will take place in France and only french people will join the meeting I won't give extra informations here.

Servers upgrade

Posted on Sunday 5 November 2006, at 00:55 UTC

Hi, we upgraded all the servers this evening.Contact us if you experience problems.

New service: downloads repositories

Posted on Thursday 2 November 2006

A lot of you asked for large download repositories to host packages for distribution or cd/dvd iso files. Until today we were increasing the quota to the amount needed on the web service, but we have been experiencing some difficulties, firstly the web service was not designed to deliver such amount of data (even if it is pretty fast), secondly the amount of free space on the web files server is decreasing dramatically.

This is why we are happy to introduce you to the new TuxFamily's service called "Download repositories". You have now the possibility to host larges downloads repositories on TuxFamily, the default quota is set to 1024 MB and can be increased on demand. Files can be downloaded using ftp, http or rsync protocols.

On the hardware side, the storage is made from a bunch of PATA IDE disks in a RAID0 array, so there is absolutely no data recovery system on this service, please keep a local copy of your files. All the system is connected through a gigabit uplink offered by a French internet operator called Free.

Contact us if you wish to migrate without uploading your files again.

VHFFS Upgrade

Posted on Wednesday 1 November 2006, at 23:12 UTC

Today we were drunk so we upgraded VHFFS on all servers to the 20061101 SVN version :-)

If you experience problems (for sure you will, haha), don't hesitate to contact us.

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