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New service: downloads repositories

Posted on Thursday 2 November 2006

A lot of you asked for large download repositories to host packages for distribution or cd/dvd iso files. Until today we were increasing the quota to the amount needed on the web service, but we have been experiencing some difficulties, firstly the web service was not designed to deliver such amount of data (even if it is pretty fast), secondly the amount of free space on the web files server is decreasing dramatically.

This is why we are happy to introduce you to the new TuxFamily's service called "Download repositories". You have now the possibility to host larges downloads repositories on TuxFamily, the default quota is set to 1024 MB and can be increased on demand. Files can be downloaded using ftp, http or rsync protocols.

On the hardware side, the storage is made from a bunch of PATA IDE disks in a RAID0 array, so there is absolutely no data recovery system on this service, please keep a local copy of your files. All the system is connected through a gigabit uplink offered by a French internet operator called Free.

Contact us if you wish to migrate without uploading your files again.

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