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Archivo de June de 2007

Global outage

Publicado el Saturday 30 June 2007, a 10:53 UTC

Hi folks!

Well, all servers are dying one by one, air conditioning seems to be broken.

Everything is down except secondary services.

Impacted services: Web service, Mail(mx1,pop,imap,webmail,mailing lists…), ns1, CVS and Subversion, Jabber (new connections only)

Not impacted services: mx2 (so your mails are going to be kept in a safe place until the mx1 is up again :) ), ns2, irc, downloads

We just have to wait until air conditioning is repaired and our servers rebooted ;)

Edit: Saturday, June 30th, 2007 at 17:40 GMT: Everything is back online, please contact us if we have forgotten something ;)

Server migration

Publicado el Tuesday 26 June 2007, a 21:53 UTC

Hi all,

One of our generous hosters is going to move a group of servers, including one of ours to a new geographical location.Because of the distance between the datacenters (170km), the shutdown time is estimated to 7-8 hours.The server will be turned off at 3:00 am and should be back at 10:30 am (GMT+2).

Impacted services :mx2, ns2, www.tuxfamily.org website, www.tuxfamily.info website, irc

And above all, the primary ns of ours domains. So you might expect slight connection delay to webservers due to slower dns resolution

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit: Well, it seems that this operation have been a bit delayed, stay tuned ;)

Edit: In fact, there were a glitch in the ISP database, the server will be moved the 18th July ;)

FTP over SSL is now available

Publicado el Saturday 2 June 2007, a 00:51 UTC

Hi folks,

We fought against the FTP server to provide FTP over SSL and we won this time.

Be careful, you may have troubles while connecting to FTP servers with SSL enabled. On our, don't try to use active mode (ie. the server connects to the client for data transmission), it won't work because the server will not be able to reach you due to NAT traversal issue on our side (SSL prevent any FTP conntrack to work), anyway it won't work for clients behind NATs. So you must use passive mode (ie. the client connects to the server in all cases), but this will work only if you can connect to the server on any TCP port (FTP conntrack present in all NAT gateways won't help you if the connection is encrypted), in other words you should not have any filtering rules for output or trust ftp.tuxfamily.net. If you are behind a transparent FTP proxy it won't work too...

Contact us if you encounter problems (only if you are not in the wrong previous cases :p).

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