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Archivo de June de 2012

Dead hard drives replacement

Publicado el Saturday 23 June 2012, a 13:30 UTC

In a few tens of minutes, we will start replacing dead hard drives in the server acting as the master source of the download repositories.

That shouldn't be long, you won't be able to upload new files to the download repositories during the replacement.

Edit: Work complete, everything should be back up.

Air cooling issue

Publicado el Wednesday 20 June 2012, a 16:54 UTC

Almost half of our servers died due to an air cooling issue, all services are down except the web (but we don't know how long it will be).

Secondary services are up, your mails are kept safe ;-)

Please bear with us, stay tuned.

Edit: Everything is back!

Tuxfamily will be at Solutions Linux 2012 !

Publicado el Sunday 17 June 2012, a 20:01 UTC

TuxFamily.org will be to the Solutions Linux 2012 event in Paris on June 19-20-21

Solutions Linux 2012 Logo

It will be a great time for all of us to meet, talk about your projects and to have some feedbacks on our hosting platform. You are all welcome in our cubicle for a coffee (or more !) We always enjoy having a special time with our hosted people so don't hesitate, come and have a talk with us.

VHFFS Database down

Publicado el Friday 1 June 2012, a 13:48 UTC

The server which is currently hosting the VHFFS database crashed.

All related services are down, which are mx1, pop, imap, ns1, panel, jabber, webmails.

The server will be rebooted soon stay tuned ;-)

Edit: The server is dead, at least temporarily due to severe heat conditions following an air cooling issue. We restored the databases from backups on a spare server.

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