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Archivo de March de 2012

Downloads master server down

Publicado el Wednesday 7 March 2012, a 12:23 UTC

The master server of our downloads service is currently down. Content is still delivered by our slave servers, but the <yourproject>-repository directory you usually browse through FTP, SSH and SFTP is unavailable.

Your website may be impacted if by chance it reads data from your download repository through the /data/repository directory (note this practice should be avoided as much as possible).

The server will be back as soon as possible.

Edit: The server is back, everything is working again.

VHFFS 4.4.0 Released

Publicado el Sunday 4 March 2012, a 17:51 UTC

VHFFS, the software which energize TuxFamily, was released yesterday, featuring some major changes, like HTML::Template eviction, FastCGI support for the panel, new VHFFS Panel theme, and a shiny cleaned API.

Of course, as TuxFamily follows almost day-to-day the VHFFS trunk, we are already running it !

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