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Service outage

Posted on Thursday 21 August 2008, at 11:02 UTC

Hi folks,

We don't really know why but our primary servers are currently unreachable. We are contacting our hoster to get more informations

As usual, our secondary services are up and running so you won't loose any mail.

Stay tuned !

Your admin's

Edit : Well, it was a power outage in our rack, we are currently restarting the servers. More informations to come...

Edit : Okay, most of the servers are running again but our load balancer is still checking its hard drives, this is not good... We are restarting the services one by one but without load balancer, they won't be online.

We are trying to get the lb working again with the help of our hoster.stay tuned

Edit : As you may have noticed, the load balancer is up and services are coming back online one by one. Web is running on half of the servers so it may be a bit slow for a few hoursmails (pop/imap) is ok, webmail is comingcvs/svn/git web is ok, services through ssh are coming soon

stay tuned ;)

Edit : Okay, the web service is running at full speed. the panel, svn/cvs/git through ssh are online. Webmail is online too, downloads are fine.anonymous cvs and git checkout are still impossible but it will be fixed soon. Bear with us ! :)

Edit : Well everything should be back online by now. Sorry again for the mess.Feel free to contact us if something is not working as it should ;)

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