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VHFFS 4.6.0 Released

Posted on Sunday 9 October 2016, at 16:24 UTC

VHFFS, the software which energize TuxFamily, was released, featuring all changes required or just nice to have for Debian Jessie, a new TLS certificates support on top of the Let's Encrypt project allowing hosted websites to benefit from HTTPS.

Of course, as TuxFamily follows almost day-to-day the VHFFS master branch, we are already running it !

Upgrade to Debian Jessie planned

Posted on Saturday 2 April 2016

Debian Wheezy security support is scheduled to end at the end of April, therefore we have to upgrade to Debian Jessie before this deadline. The good news is that it leaves you a few weeks to check that your installed webapps will continue to work after the upgrade.

Edit: Done!

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