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Bye bye ORSN

Publicado el Sunday 11 February 2007, a 16:21 UTC

For years, we trusted the ORSN network and used their roots DNS servers. Currently all servers answer SERVFAIL to all queries, which is the result of a wrong server configuration. This is not a big problem for a short period as the TTL is very long on roots servers because records change really really rarely. But now the problem occured for days and we lost the NS records of TLDs. There is also a problem on the contact page of their official website. Their monitoring show that everything is up and running which is false. I sent an email to the owner of the domain but I didn't get any answer...

Bye bye ORSN, we switch back to ICANN roots servers and we will not change anymore.

You probably had some problems to join some hosts from webservers or to receive mails, sorry for the inconvenience, but everything is running now ! :)

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