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Webserver is back !

Publicado el Saturday 5 May 2007, a 00:32 UTC

Hi !, The webserver which crashed last week has been repaired and is now back in production.

But this webserver is now running Debian Etch whereas others are still running Debian Sarge with some backports. So this is a totally new configuration and you may (you will) experience problems. If something is really strange, like working the majority of time and suddenly decide to not to work during a slight period of time, this is probably a configuration problem, you must blame us to fix the problem !

When everything will be ok, we will plan to migrate to Debian Etch all others webservers, stay tuned !

Edit: A quite important problem about long mysql login names has been fixed today, sorry for the inconvenience ;)

Edit: May 15th, 2007: Phpmyadmin seems to have some troubles while being load balanced between webservers using sarge and etch. Using phpmyadmin might be a bit tricky for those next days... we are working on it. Please, contact us to report bugs !

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