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Beginning of the survival period

Publicado el Thursday 21 February 2008, a 23:36 UTC

Well, our main file server is going to die pretty soon, luckily it is still working enough to keep the service up most of the time. We have good reasons to suspect the hard RAID controller to hang up the server in an interrupt request which never ends up.

We noticed that it always crashed during very heavy I/O operations like stats generation, database dumps, mailing lists archives updates or backups. So to avoid further crash of this file server we have temporarily disabled all of those features.

Unfortunately we are in a holiday period here in France and the server is about 1000 kilometers away from those who are ready and able to do the hardware maintenance. As we cannot afford a very expensive train ticket during holidays, we had to buy those tickets for the middle of March and we hope that the server will not definitively die before.

Stay tuned...

Your admins

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