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Decision for windmill

Publicado el Tuesday 1 April 2014


The ecological problems caused by electricity production are not new (nuclear powerplants that yield radioactive waste, carbon powerplants producing CO2 in the atmosphere) and the electrical consumption due to IT technologies keeping going up, even though hardware consumption keeps improving to keep it low.

From this stand, TuxFamily team has decided to take the bull by the horn and produce their own server electrical requirements thanks to one or several wind turbines. As a first step, only secondary services (DNS, MX) will be powered this way; if this test-phase is conclusive, the whole infrastructrure may benefit from this new power source.

Of course, there may be tradeoffs, days without wind will lead us to reduce traffic to reduce server load. In this case, an unbiased filtering would occur, like the one applied to cars in case of heavy pollution: even-IPs could connect even-days and odd-IPs could connect odd-days.

The TuxFamily.org team

Edit: Of course it was our yearly April fool joke ;-)

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