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We will continue to provide PHP :-)

Posted on Monday 2 April 2007

Of course, it was our annual april fool :) A small amount of people get fooled by our previous email : we had some interresting replies :)

Anyway, you should know that the electricity used to generate dynamic webpages is a real issue, and we are even not including all the power burnt to fight the spam.

You should also know that the amount of CPU used on TuxFamily to deliver dynamic webpages raises day after day. A few months ago, we had to add a web server to the pool. If the load continue to increase at the actual rate, we will have to add one or two additional servers before the end of the year.

So, if you have some unused hardware (dual PIII, single PIV or even more) or something that is in our wanted list, feel free to ship it to our headquarters, we do know how to use it in an intelligent way ;) If you don't have available hardware but some money, you may also help us by making a small donation. It will help us to continue providing a sufficiently fast and reliable hosting to more and more projects !

In any case, thank you for trusting TuxFamily, thanks, really ! :)

have a nice April 2nd !

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