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New hardware online !

Posted on Sunday 22 July 2007, at 14:28 UTC

Hi all :)

As said in our previous post, we were working those last days to add new hardware to the platform. The operation is now completed, all services are running and all the servers are fully operationals.

You should notice a nice improvement of the overall service speed. Enjoy !

We want to officially thanks the Lost Oasis team who kindly host our mains servers for letting us work on our servers during the week end and for sharing their offices with us.

Unfortunately, we had to reset the jabber database in order to upgrade the jabber server. You will have to fill up your roster again... Sorry about that ;)

All this operation was quite expensive : some thousands of Euros were borrowed from the administrator's personal funds. We will soon launch a donation campaign (fundraiser).

As usual, if something is not working as before or if you encounter issues, feel free to contact us :)

Cheers !

Your admins ;)

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