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Please welcome SSH !

Posted on Monday 20 August 2007, at 16:55 UTC


We are proud to announce that you can now login with ssh on our shell server. Firstly you have to select an appropriate shell in the user preferences section of the panel. Secondly, wait approximatively 10 minutes. Thirdly you can try to ssh to ssh.tuxfamily.org with your panel login and password.

The limitations put on the shell service should be enough for the simple tasks you have to perform on your files. If you need more, contact us and explain clearly why ;)

If you wish to request the installation of software on this host, please contact us.

For now, users crontabs won't be executed. We are planning to provide group cronjobs management through the VHFFS panel in a way that allows us to load balance the jobs on several servers, to keep cronjobs in the database and to provide cronjobs for groups instead of the users crontabs you can find on a regular Unix system.

If it doesn't work for you, read the first paragraph again then contact us ;)

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