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Work on downloads service this night

Posted on Wednesday 25 August 2010, at 20:12 UTC

This night, we are going to replace failing hard drives and add new ones to the master source of the download service.

You won't be able to modify the content of the downloads areas during the maintainance.

This shouldn't stay long, depending on how I manage to handle the heavy server and on the time used to unscrew all screws of this old and hard to modify machine ;-)

Edit 25/08/2010 02:00 UTC: Done, this was even a bit harder than expected, but everything is back online ;-)

Edit 26/08/2010 18:00 UTC: We are going to work a bit more on that this night. It seems that all SATA controllers don't support well recent 2TB disks. We need to change a bit how disks are wired so that 2TB ones are only on controllers that support them correctly.

Edit 27/08/2010 01:00 UTC: Done, everything is back online.

Edit 27/08/2010 19:00 UTC: Still not perfect, we are going to change the wiring a bit more in a few hours, that will be short.

Edit 28/08/2010 00:00 UTC: Done, everything is back online.

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