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April fool and April thanks

Posted on Saturday 2 April 2011, at 15:15 UTC

April 1st has passed and it's time to be serious again... TuxFamily values your privacy and security very much, and we won't do anything to compromise it, be it for an April fool! The LOPPSI 2 French law, though, is not an April fool and is still here on April 2nd.

The TuxFamily.org donation campaign has really reached its goal though. Thanks to the generosity of our 218 donors, we've more than reached our goal of EUR4000 in less than a month. It's a new record and it's thanks to you!

The TuxFamily staff sends a special thank you to Don Ho, the Notepad++ developer, who kindly proposed to redirect all Notepad++ donations, usually transferred to ATD Fourth World, to TuxFamily for a month, getting us more than EUR545. Please keep on giving, ATD also needs your support!

We also want to thank all of you who relayed our call for support (including Ubuntu-FR, LinuxFR or the Blenderclan), as well as Mickaël Guédon for drawing us a nice banner.

TuxFamily lives thanks to your donations all year round, not just during the campaigns. Your support will always be welcome, whether it's by giving money or time.

A warm (and last) thank you again: your support really touched us deeply.

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