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Main services down

Posted on Sunday 9 July 2023, at 15:51 UTC

Today, around 11:37 UTC, we lost contact with some of our most important hosts, presumably following yet another power hiccup. Consequently, our main services (web areas, databases, SCM repositories, access to mailboxes, etc.) are down. Secondary services (MX2, NS2, etc.) are still up and running, along with download repositories. As this is being written, we cannot predict when exactly our services will recover and can only apologize for the significant downtime incurred. Please bear with us.

Update on 2023-07-14: despite a brief return to normal on 13 July around 17:00 UTC, our main services are down again since about 6:20 UTC.

Update on 2023-07-19 13:00 UTC: alright, everything should be back online.

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