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Archives de juillet 2007

libnss-sqlite !

Posté le lundi 30 juillet 2007, à 21:30 UTC

TuxFamily is now using libnss-sqlite that finally solve all our users and groups database replication problems ! Many thanks to the maintainer of this library :)

As usual, if you encounter issues, feel free to contact us.

Downloads featuring Apache 2.2

Posté le vendredi 27 juillet 2007, à 14:03 UTC


The download server has been upgraded from Debian Sarge to Debian Etch, as a side effect Apache has been upgraded to Apache 2.2 which finally supports files larger than 2 GB. You can now enjoy DVD ISO downloading through HTTP ;)

Storage issue

Posté le lundi 23 juillet 2007, à 08:09 UTC

Hi all,

We are experiencing network problems with the filer, we had to shut down the services. News coming soon...

Edit: Okay, all data have been moved to a safe place, we can now try to solve the problem. Stay tuned !

Edit: Well after many tests (and many service interruption due to reboots), we finally found that a kernel option was responsible of all this mess... Everything should be back online now.

Edit: Well, everything should really be back online now ;)

Sorry about that folks and thanks for being members of the TuxFamily ;)

New hardware online !

Posté le dimanche 22 juillet 2007, à 14:28 UTC

Hi all :)

As said in our previous post, we were working those last days to add new hardware to the platform. The operation is now completed, all services are running and all the servers are fully operationals.

You should notice a nice improvement of the overall service speed. Enjoy !

We want to officially thanks the Lost Oasis team who kindly host our mains servers for letting us work on our servers during the week end and for sharing their offices with us.

Unfortunately, we had to reset the jabber database in order to upgrade the jabber server. You will have to fill up your roster again... Sorry about that ;)

All this operation was quite expensive : some thousands of Euros were borrowed from the administrator's personal funds. We will soon launch a donation campaign (fundraiser).

As usual, if something is not working as before or if you encounter issues, feel free to contact us :)

Cheers !

Your admins ;)

Hardware replacement planned

Posté le lundi 16 juillet 2007, à 18:33 UTC

Hi all !

We bought some months ago new hardware for the platform including hard drives, memory, new web servers and such.We are going to add all this brand new stuff in order to provide a better service.As we are planning to change some main components of the hosting facilities we will have to interrupt some or all services at any time between Friday, July 20th, 2007 and Monday, July 23rd 2007 included.

As usual, we will try to keep the downtime as low as possible but the migration can take some time because we have to copy all the data to the new hard drives.

All the services will be impacted. Regarding your emails, they won't be lost, they will be handled by our MX2 server.

Please make sure that you have a local copy of your stuff before Friday, July 20th, 2007 (remember that a dump of your databases can be found in your group directory and that you can download it via ftp.)

Thanks for your support ;)


Network outage on our main servers

Posté le dimanche 15 juillet 2007, à 10:35 UTC


Most of our services are currently down. One of the ISP who are kindly hosting our servers is having network issues, we are trying to know what is going around.Impacted services: web, svn/cvs, primary mail, mailing lists, primary dns, panel, jabber, ftp. Our secondary services (dns and mails) are working fine, don't worry about your emails :).Stay tuned ;).We apologize for the inconvenience.

Edit: everything is back online after about 2 hours and 40 minutes of outage

Network cut

Posté le dimanche 1 juillet 2007, à 13:13 UTC

Well, there were a network split on the Internet operator which is hosting our main servers today between 11:52 GMT and 12:11 GMT :(

Sorry, sorry :)

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