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Archives de avril 2024

Main services unavailable

Posté le jeudi 4 avril 2024, à 19:36 UTC

Our main services have been down since 2024-04-02 14:29 UTC because our filer server is experiencing troubles. We are currently waiting for someone on-site who would be willing to press the power button of the affected machine.

As usual, e-mails are not lost: they are being collected by our MX2 service and will be released when our main services are up and running again.

Update on 2024-04-12 14:15 UTC: sooooooo, while waiting for remote hands to reset our host, air conditioning stopped working… sure there was not much left that was still working but it took days to bring air conditioning back… anyway, everything is up and running again. We can only apologize for such a tremendous downtime.

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