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Archives de septembre 2008

Hardware modifications planned

Posté le mercredi 24 septembre 2008, à 09:56 UTC


We bought some months ago new hardware for the platform in order to replace the broken one.

We are planning to change some main components of the hosting facility so we will have to interrupt some or all services at and for any time from Saturday, Sept 27th, 2008 to Sunday, Sept 28th 2008.

As usual, we will try to keep the downtime as low as possible but the migration can take some time because we have to copy all the data to the new storages facilities (and the current, -the secondary-, is desperately slow, reading the data will take hours).

All the services will be impacted. Regarding your emails, they won't be lost, they will be handled by our NS2 and MX2 server.

Don't forget to keep a local copy of your stuff, remember that a dump of your databases can be found in your group directory and that you can download it through ftp/ftps/sftp/ssh.

Please bear with us ;)


Edit: Okay, everything should be working by now :) enjoy !

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