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Archives de janvier 2008

NFS crash

Posté le jeudi 24 janvier 2008, à 08:55 UTC


Mail, web, downloads, panel, svn/git/cvs, MX and DNS services are currently down, have been down for a while due to a problem on the main file server.

MX and DNS secondary services are still working, so you won't loose your mails.

We will keep you informed.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Your admins

Edit: okay, everything should be back on line :)

External mail catchalls deleted

Posté le vendredi 18 janvier 2008, à 00:27 UTC

Well, catchalls set to external addresses (in other words, in mailboxes we are not hosting) make us forwarding a lot of spams to foreign mails servers. So, to avoid being blacklisted whereas catchalls are rarely used for a good reason, we deleted all catchalls which pointed to external addresses. Anyway, you can still set a catchall if you really need it, but only to a local mailbox, so that we are not forwarding spams through catchalls alias anymore.

Downloads are now featuring lighttpd

Posté le vendredi 18 janvier 2008, à 00:10 UTC

Well, being collapsed two times due to releases of somewhat useless ISO motivated us to provide something more robust to deal correctly with those events. At this point, if you think we are going to provide something which can handle the bandwidth required for a direct link on distrowatch, you are just thinking wrong. Why?, because this is the wrong way, you need more than one mirror to handle the load and we didn't plan to provide more than one mirror in a short future. So, the point is to keep the service up in case of such events. The way we chose is probably not a very good news for those who want to provide ISO at incredible downloading rates like we do before. So, we are now using lighttpd instead of Apache because it allows us to throttle the bandwidth used by context. Moreover developing and adding a module to lighttpd is incredibly easy, so we created a module to definitively prevent those stupid download accelerator softwares to connect more than once.

Anyway, we are not happy to do that, but this is the only way we found to keep a good quality of service on the downloads, it only affects the events which make us collapsing and only affects those who make us collapsing, in fact this is a good news for the wide majority of hosted.

Tuxfamily aux Solutions Linux 2008 !

Posté le vendredi 11 janvier 2008

Tuxfamily rempile une année et sera présent aux Solutions Linux 2008 au CNIT de la défense du 29 au 31 janvier 2008.

Solutions Linux 2008 Banner

C'est l'occasion pour tous de se rencontrer, d'échanger et de troller^Wpartager des points de vue. De ce fait, vous êtes tous conviés à venir sur le stand le temps d'un café (ou plus si affinités !). C'est toujours un plaisir pour nous de rencontrer nos hébergés.

De plus, Tuxfamily est aussi là pour représenter ses hébergés. Ainsi si vous ne pouvez pas être présent mais si vous avez une petite présentation/animation/création de vos travaux, c'est avec plaisir que Tuxfamily la présentera sur le stand. N'hésitez pas à envoyer vos contributions sur : ca@association.tuxfamily.org ou à vous inscrire sur la page de la FAQ dédiée à l'évènement

N'oubliez pas de vous pré inscrire sur le site des Solutions Linux !

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