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Archives de février 2008

SSL certificate was renewed on web service

Posté le dimanche 24 février 2008, à 22:35 UTC

The SSL certificate for the web service had expired, so we renewed it.

The new fingerprints are:MD5: 34:EF:D1:EA:A6:9A:BA:84:B6:79:1A:A3:9E:6E:3D:80SHA1: ED:DD:BD:69:91:A1:2D:F6:BF:AF:1A:11:20:FE:C9:F8:E3:C6:5E:1D

It is still self signed, we will see soon to use a CAcert certificate instead.

Beginning of the survival period

Posté le jeudi 21 février 2008, à 23:36 UTC

Well, our main file server is going to die pretty soon, luckily it is still working enough to keep the service up most of the time. We have good reasons to suspect the hard RAID controller to hang up the server in an interrupt request which never ends up.

We noticed that it always crashed during very heavy I/O operations like stats generation, database dumps, mailing lists archives updates or backups. So to avoid further crash of this file server we have temporarily disabled all of those features.

Unfortunately we are in a holiday period here in France and the server is about 1000 kilometers away from those who are ready and able to do the hardware maintenance. As we cannot afford a very expensive train ticket during holidays, we had to buy those tickets for the middle of March and we hope that the server will not definitively die before.

Stay tuned...

Your admins

File server issues...

Posté le mercredi 20 février 2008, à 05:26 UTC

Hi folks, The main file server crashed (again) this morning, a reset ticket have been sent to our generous bandwidth donator.

It is not the first time we have hardware issues with this server, it has a complicated and costly hardware and is sadly one of our SPOF. As we don't have the money to change it, we will have to live with it so bear with us and wait for the reset ;)

As usual, Secondary services are up and running, your datas are safe.

Sorry about this guys :/

Edit: Well everything is now up and running but the problem is not fixed. We will see soon if we can deal with some backup hardware but we doubt a lot about that.

Emergency maintenance planned

Posté le jeudi 14 février 2008, à 09:32 UTC

Hi, a hard drive in one of our routers is dying. We planned an emergency maintenance to change it this afternoon.

At the same time we will try to fix the storage issue which happened two times before (here and here)

You can expect a service outage of all the services (except secondary services) from the begin of the afternoon until the evening (Western Europe timezone).

Edit: Okay, everything should be back online, sorry for the long downtime yesterday, we were having important issues on the main storage server. About this website, the outsourced dedicated web server which is hosting it was not prepared to handle so many hits and collapsed into swap. it have been restarted this morning. Sorry again for the outage ;)

Upgrades again

Posté le jeudi 14 février 2008, à 09:25 UTC

Hi, we are going to upgrade some servers today, you may notice service outage on the downloads repository service and on miscellaneous services like IRC, tuxfamily website, tuxfamily.info, secondary DNS and mail...

Please bear with us :)

Edit: miscellaneous services are online again, downloads are probably under fsck, please wait :)Edit 2: everything should be back online.

Upgrades in progress

Posté le mardi 12 février 2008, à 00:45 UTC

We are currently upgrading all the servers to fix the kernel issue, stay tuned ;-)

Edit: Most important done, good night ;-)

Sinking again

Posté le lundi 11 février 2008, à 07:55 UTC


Well, like this one.

Mail, web, downloads, panel, cvs/svn/git, primary mail and dns services are currently down due to a non-warned strike of the main file server.

Secondary mail and dns secondary services are still working, so you won't loose your mails, good news isn't it ? ;)

Anyway, we need to upgrade all the servers to fix the Linux kernel local root exploit, so it seems to be the good time to do that.

The boat is being pumped, stay tuned !

Edit: Everything should be back online

SSH access disabled

Posté le dimanche 10 février 2008, à 01:25 UTC

Due to a major security issue inside the Linux kernel, we disabled the SSH access until a patch is available and set on our servers.

If you know or find another way to execute miscellaneous binaries on our servers, please contact us ASAP !

We are going to upgrade all the servers very soon, be prepared for some downtime during the next days.

Edit: SSH is back.

SSL certificates changed for POPs and IMAPs services

Posté le vendredi 1 février 2008, à 20:45 UTC

Our SSL certificate for IMAPs and POPs services had expired, hence we changed it.

The new MD5 fingerprints are:POPs: 86:9F:4E:CF:CD:9C:03:17:E9:83:CF:21:58:26:F3:F6IMAPs: 37:B6:55:51:0B:F3:3D:1C:A0:16:76:0D:AB:93:6C:F8

and the new SHA1 fingerprints are:POPs: 25:C8:46:70:B4:FB:0B:B8:FC:21:62:30:45:75:B7:D1:DD:DE:10:76IMAPs: D4:00:AB:5D:A3:CD:3E:B0:5E:5D:53:15:61:E2:29:1F:CF:EF:7A:1D

Just accept the new certificate after verification.

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