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Archives de mai 2008

MySQL InnoDB crash

Posté le mercredi 28 mai 2008, à 18:00 UTC

Well, we managed to corrupt the InnoDB MySQL storage engine files while cleaning user databases.We set up in production the backup of the last night.

By the way, this is normally not our job to clean the spams in your databases, but we have to do that because we cannot afford the load of billions of spams, so if you don't want that we need to handle the files used by MySQL or PostgreSQL, clean them. In our opinion, this is the time to think to switch to something that don't break, switch to PostgreSQL.

Edit: Well, we had to restore from databases dumps this night in order to fix the corrupted InnoDB database. The records of yesterday are of course lost, but the coherency is assured, which is the most important thing. Everything is good for now.

Upgrade of ssh and ssl keys

Posté le mercredi 14 mai 2008, à 20:00 UTC


Due to a security issue with openssl, we have changed all SSL keys.

If you are using a ssh key to log in to our servers, please renew your key and destroy the old key ASAP.

Here is a summary of the new keys fingerprints':

Type of service Concerned hosts New fingerprint
SSH / SFTP ssh.tuxfamily.org
HTTPS tuxfamily.org
SHA1: FF:53:58:26:12:2B:F8:2F:80:F1:26:67:08:5B:30:00:30:25:C1:2F
MD5: C3:F1:C2:25:9E:0B:9D:B5:22:04:83:AE:24:C0:9F:E9
HTTPS All hosted websites SHA1: 9F:A8:3E:2F:9A:4E:B0:74:8D:A0:C4:16:22:CB:9D:10:40:A0:B2:E8
MD5: BE:38:75:48:65:63:B2:DF:EC:8A:4C:2F:2B:AD:DE:C3
HTTPS panel.tuxfamily.org
MD5: 42:E3:8E:EA:33:E4:F6:3B:C4:96:24:F1:B5:63:8B:DB
POPS pops.tuxfamily.org SHA1: 5A:21:0D:A5:7F:EA:BE:E4:8C:C9:7D:EB:BA:AD:64:E1:AE:CA:47:82
MD5: 87:18:6B:6F:40:0E:38:A2:9C:E7:D0:6A:37:D6:2E:48
IMAPS imaps.tuxfamily.org SHA1: 7E:3E:9A:98:E7:17:36:2C:50:E7:74:79:A3:01:E5:30:D4:93:6C:DD
MD5: B1:DA:79:EE:55:14:39:8F:DC:C7:67:C4:54:65:CC:4B
FTPS ftps.tuxfamily.org SHA1: 66:A1:74:8A:02:E0:F9:01:6A:EE:8E:87:AF:91:F0:84:55:02:0B:29
MD5: 6B:5D:E9:AF:B1:98:C3:29:F7:6E:79:AF:BF:62:0A:02
CVS / SVN / GIT cvs.tuxfamily.org
JABBER jabber.tuxfamily.org SHA1: 91:E1:8B:95:C3:30:41:DD:0D:07:60:D3:F9:BC:64:6A:C2:1D:FF:D2
MD5: D1:2B:FD:BA:69:69:4C:D3:87:A0:70:37:99:CD:F3:43

Optical fibers cut

Posté le mercredi 14 mai 2008, à 10:52 UTC

Well, the optical fibers connecting the datacenter where we are hosted were cut by some work on the public road...

A cut of an optical fiber shouldn't be that bad, but it was on a short length where all fibers are, so all the fibers were cut in once.

The fibers are currently being soldered, but this will probably take several hours.

But, the secondary services (ns2 and mx2) are up and running ;)

Please bear with us.

Edit: Soldering done, everything is back online.

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