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Power outage

Posté le dimanche 5 octobre 2008, à 09:00 UTC

Hi folks,

Today, at 12:30 pm, we lost contact with our main servers. We are quite sure that it is due to another power outage in our rack. We have contacted our hoster and we are now waiting for updates. Stay tuned ;)

As usual, secondary services are up and running so don't worry for your emails.

Your admins.

Edit: OK, everything should be online again (if not, contact us). However, the problem is not fixed, the ground fault circuit interrupter (also known as differential circuit breaker) de-energized the rack on August 21st, 2008, it did it again yesterday, it will do it further for sure. This is not a load (overcurrent) problem, there is either a problem in one of our equipment (a ground fault in a power supply or such) or a problem in the circuit breaker (sensitivity higher than before).

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